Passports & Travel

We are a full service immigration law firm.  This means that our lawyers do not just help with your immigration case; we also make sure you have the right documents and information to travel.

Our staff can renew your Canadian or U.S. passport for you, making your immigration process smoother.  We can also help you apply for a Canadian passport from abroad, with is a different process than applying for one in Canada.

Many people often wonder if they will be able to bring their pets or their vehicles when they move to Canada.  We make sure to answer all your customs and border questions.  Making sure you get well established in a new country is a real concern for our firm.

Need a Travel Permission for your children?

Due to the rise in international abductions of children, people are advised to prepare and carry with them the necessary documents allowing travel with children from a previous relationship.  As Hague lawyers, we have knowledge about mobility issues that affect children.  We ensure you have the necessary legal documents to make your travel or move smooth. CONTACT US

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